If you're seeking financial planning services, MYRA is flexible with your needs - whether you're seeking an ongoing advisor relationship or a one-time consultation, we're happy to help.

Here's is a quick walk-through for you to consider the subscription or one-time consultation option with an advisor. Let's choose your financial path!

Step 1: Once you log into your dashboard, click the three bars on the top left (e.g. the menu) to view your options. From there, click the 'Consult' button.

Step 2: Click 'Get Started'.

Step 3: On the next screen, scroll down to learn about the subscription options (annual, quarterly or monthly) and click 'Subscribe' for your preferred option.

Not ready for a commitment yet?

If you're not ready for the subscription option, you can also scroll all the way down to learn about the one-time consult option (in 15 or 45 minute increments).

Note: You can choose both financial planning and investment management services as separate offerings. If you'd like us to directly manage your investment portfolio as well, here's how to start the INVEST plan.

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