During a consultation, MYRA Advisors - all CFP® professionals - can help with most personal finance questions you have. This could pertain to education planning, insurance, investments, taxes, or budgeting - just to name a few!

Here are some sample areas that we often help with:

  • Planning for investment taxes

  • Determining asset allocation and portfolio diversification needs

  • New employer health insurance review

  • Disability Insurance needs analysis

  • Life insurance needs analysis

  • Education funding analysis

  • Tax consequences of property transactions

  • Charitable/philanthropic contributions and deductions

  • Debt management

  • Buy vs. Lease a Car decision

  • Buy vs. Rent a Home decision

  • Employee benefits selection

  • Tax-advantaged retirement plans

MYRA offers a one-time consult call option, or an ongoing subscription for unlimited meetings with a MYRA Advisor (a CFP®). Check out more information about our services or email us for more information.

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